2018 Winners

Title: “Goner”
Story: Olivia Thanasoula – Hugo Varvoglis
Performer: Olivia Thanasoula
Music, camera, montage: Hugo Varvoglis

Description: This video is a videodance project, made for the Raise Your Voice festival in Greece, regarding Human Trafficking.

The woman in the video starts by wearing a work uniform, thus entering a «role» from which she expects to take advantage and free herself of poverty and other unpleasant difficulties. As time goes by, she realises that this uniform becomes a second skin and every desperate attempt to pull it away from her body is falling to failure. She is stuck in a place alone, frightened and being exploited by other human beings. The only way out is to escape and run away to the city…

Human trafficking is about humans exploiting humans… How is this even possible?

Goner. Nobody searches for he who is gone, who has no luck, no future.

Description: The artistic installation with the title FORCED ILLUSION is consisted of a central element, the garment, around which with the use of photography and drawing a scenery is created with white colour to dominate, giving a peaceful first impression. What happens though when the pure changes form and humans acquire animal behavior which originates from the instinct of survival, arrogance and greed for money and material goods?
The environment of the visual installation is structured so that it constitutes a field of questioning on the exploitation and trafficking of people, especially the trade of human organs.
Each element of the work works allegorically to express the commodification of life, the indifference for our fellow man and the lack of morality.
Title: “Petite Cinderella : The factory’s little princess”

Description: This piece presents allegorically the phenomenon of child trafficking, the purpose of which is the coercive work or other unfair purposes.

Many girls, at a small age, want to become a princess or to play with their dolls, but some of them do not have the right to own toys ,but also they do not have the right of childhood. “Petit Cinderella” or “the factory’s little princess” is every little girl who is forced to work hard and forget that she is just a child. She is the princess , who doesn’t wear beautiful dresses, but rags.You can find her in the streets, tired and dirty, holding a broken toy. Although, this installation shows, what can be hidden inside the princess’ soul. The paper dress depicts the dreams and the memories of her which she “takes off” like a dress, in order to work in the inhospitable space, called factory.

Petit Cinderella” can be any child , of any sex , in any country.